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At Escambia Christian School, a student's total development involves the Soul, Body, and Mind. The primary objective at ECS is to incorporate these three concepts into each student's daily routine so that they will be able to reach their full potential, which includes the incorporation of an effective afterschool program.  Afterschool Care is an alternative for parents whose children otherwise would be home alone. 


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Our Classes


Our programs provide academic enrichment STEAM related activities for students.  Youth development and technology programs are also offered.

​​​Age Groups

  • Ages K - 5

  • Ages 6 - 9

  • Ages 10 -14


Class Schedules



The current schedule is for Fall/Winter.  Individual class sessions can range from 3 - 6 weeks, dependent upon the age

of students.  


Outdoor sessions will take place in the Spring (Gardening, Soccer, etc.)!






Girl in Classroom

Early Learning | Ages K - 5


Students will participate in multiple Preschool STEAM Lab activities organized by the staff.  Some examples are:

  - Lego STEAM

  - Preschool Engineering

  - Fairytale STEAM

  - Gardening STEAM

  - Rainbow STEAM

Elementary Learning I Ages 6 - 9 


STEAM activities that instill the importance of collaboration and teamwork, linear thinking and creative problem-solving are introduced to students.  Examples are:

 - Camp Fire Conflict Resolution Curriculum (K-6)

 - Technology Projects

 - Creative Art Projects

 - USDA Gardening Project





Middle School I Ages  10 - 14


Kindling the interest of Middle School students by making STEAM fun!

 - Abrakadoodle

 - Camp Fire InterACTION

 - Technology Projects

 - USDA Gardening